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About Investment Resources Corp.

Key Management Company was founded in 1980 by W. Alan Huffman. He was joined in 1992 by his partner Anthony Catanese when Investment Resources Corporation spun off its management division and merged with Key Management. Upon the retirement of W. Alan Huffman in 2010, Anthony Catanese became President and Peter Catanese became Vice President. W. Alan Huffman is still active with Key Management Company serving as Chairman of the Board and as Regional Property Manager for the Florida portfolio.

Since 1980, Key Management has grown to manage nearly 100 multi-unit properties, including over 6700 residential units, 5 homeowners associations, and 119,400 square feet of office space. Key Management now employs 4 Certified Property Managers (CPM®), 6 Accredited Regional Managers (ARM®), and 225 employees.

Key Management is a third party fee management company based in Wichita, Kansas with satellite offices in Manhattan, Kansas; Princeton, Kansas; Pittsburg, Kansas and in Florida. We own a very small percentage of the properties we manage, unlike a private management company that typically manages an "in-house" portfolio. Fee managers work for many clients, and each owner has different preferences and a different set of needs. At Key Management, we work for clients who own a single house or duplex and for those who own a million square feet of residential or commercial property. We cannot take a "one size fits all" approach, as fee managers we must be flexible, creative, and intuitive in order to work with such a diverse portfolio to fulfill their varying needs and expectations. The majority of properties we manage are located in Kansas and Missouri, but we also have locations in Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Florida.

Key Management Company is affiliated with many organizations related to the property management industry:

Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)
Apartment Association of Greater Wichita (AAGW)
National Apartment Association (NAR)
Wichita Area Association of Realtors
Building Owner Managers Association (BOMA)
National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA)
National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM)

We are proud of our affiliations with such organizations and Key Management staff members have held numerous positions on the boards. W. Alan Huffman, then President of Key Management, was honored as the IREM National President in 2000. W. Alan Huffman and Tony Catanese have both held the office of Chapter President of IREM #65. Karen Alexander has held the position as President of AAGW. In 2010, Key Management received the Best Management Company Association Award at the Star of Excellence Awards sponsored by the AAGW. We have accepted and strictly adhere to the IREM Code of Ethics and we were the first company in Wichita to be recognized as an Accredited Management Organization (AMO®) by IREM in 1985.

Key Management has years of experience working with many property types, some with special needs, and many with various government requirements. The following is a list of property types professionally managed by Key Management:


With this vast range of property types, we employ some of the most qualified, trained professionals to ensure that each property type has all the personalized attention that it requires. This includes Regional Property Managers, Site Managers, Maintenance Personnel, Accounting and Administrative staff trained in all areas with each also having property type-specific training.

Key Management best serves our clients by offering the personalized touch. This is apparent in our ability to customize financial reports and budgets to serve individual needs regardless of property type, having a support team available to provide invaluable service and all the day-to-day customer service. We help them in planning, development, lease up, opening new properties, consulting, and solving many unique problems associated with each property type. We continually strive to be the Key to our clients' success and assisting them in achieving their goals.